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Global Solution LM LLC, is a young family company in full expansion and entrepreneurial spirit that specializes in the residential and commercial market of Florida, founded in 2018 after gathering several years of experience in maintenance and construction work.

 We decided to open our company to attend the requirements of our client, offering maintenance and construction services. 

We are constituted by a team of highly competent professionals from different sectors of engineering with a solid technical and human formation to develop reliable maintenance, repair, restoration and remodeling projects, applying methods with updated technologies and materials adjusted to the best quality, budget, regulations and established standards, committed to meet the expectations and requirements and requirements of our clients.


Our team hopes to be considered a reliable company and be worthy of its trust and time. 

We know we are qualified, and you can feel confident in choosing us

About Us


Establish the name of Global Solution as a company of maintenance and residential and commercial construction services in Florida of undisputed quality, compliance, responsibility and trust, recognized by our commitment to the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our clients, using technologies updated and the appropriate materials, to make each project innovative and unique, applying the continuous improvement of our processes, operations and developing new areas expanding our services towards the integral design and management of projects.


Offer residential and commercial maintenance and construction services to owners in Florida, guaranteeing the execution of our works in quality, quantity and timeliness, satisfying the needs and expectations of the client, based on the correct administration and execution of the project, implementing sustainable integrated services and safe procedures, delivering solutions with a consistent and efficient management of the costs of our projects.

All based on compliance with the standards of quality, safety, care for the environment and the performance of our work team to achieve operational excellence.


Make our best to understand and appreciate the needs of customers in each situation and make only agreements that are arranged and be able to execute.

•         Honesty and ethic

•         Responsibility and respect

•         Quality

•         Innovation

•         Security

•         Integrity

•         Experience

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Luis Martinez.jpg

Luis Martinez
Owner. General Manager

Mechanical Engineer with over 25 years.

Experience in operational management planning, programming, execution of maintenance and  investment projects.


Mirla  Peña
Owner. Administrative Manager

Industrial engineer over 11 years.

Experience in logistics management, industrial safety, control, inventory, planning and development of shopping plans.

Meet our Members  

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